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At TBG Forums, we specialise in organising overseas expansion events. We Help our clients (nations and business) raise international brand awareness, build qualified global connections, and attract foreign customers or foreign direct investors, respectively, by organising:

» Roundtables, Panel Discussions
» Executive Dinners, AfterBiz Functions
» Summits, Trade Forums, Trade Missions

Our industry-specific and country-related events  provide a juncture where business, industry leaders and policymakers can engage to build meaningful connections worldwide to fuel international trade, foreign direct investment and cultural exchange.

London-based, with global reach, we partner with foreign direct investment agencies, foreign chambers of commerce and businesses that are expanding in the global marketplace.

Our Focus: We specialise in organising overseas expansion events.

Mission: Our mission is to help our clients, partners and members build meaningful global connections to bolster their B2B and B2G lead generation pipeline in overseas markets.

Vision: Our vision is to become the foremost global promoter of  overseas expansion. We aim to help diversify the global supply chain, by making it easier for nations and business with specialised products and services to find foreign direct investors, foreign customers and foreign partners.

Foreign Direct Investment Agencies: If you are part of a national or regional FDI agency and are in search of suitable companies to attract to your country, region or primary industries, you will benefit from joining our network.

Multinationals, International SMEs and Startups With Global Ambitions: If you are exporting, importing, investing or building your startup in the global marketplace, you will benefit from joining our network.

Incubators, Accelerators and Business Development Agencies: If you are advising, supporting or educating entrepreneurs to enter the global marketplace, you will benefit from joining our network.

Foreign Chambers of Commerce: If you’re a foreign chamber wishing to tap into a broader international business network which goes beyond expats who hail from your country, you will benefit from joining our network.

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At TBG Forums, we work to provide industry and country-specific trade forums, trade missions and business networking events to support our members in their quest to successfully connect, trade and grow in the global marketplace.

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