Business Beyond Borders Cybersecurity Series: S4:E1

Business Beyond Borders Cybersecurity Series: S4:E1

TBG Forums: Business Beyond Borders Series
Theme: Cross-Border Cybersecurity & Data Protection in the Digital Economy

Hosted monthly by TBG Forums, as part of our Business Beyond Borders Series, we invite you to join our panel of experts for an engaging discussion on Cybersecurity and Data Protection, in an increasingly complex and digital world.

As we inevitably become more digital and embrace remote work, IoT, robotic automation and AI, are fast becoming unavoidable steps for companies looking to maintain sustainability, competitiveness and security, regardless of industry.

Our Business Beyond Borders, Cybersecurity and Data Protection Series are designed to not only shape discussions to support digitalisation, digital transformation and digital adoption, but to also provide practical insights to help security professionals and non-technical business leaders tackle the associated cybersecurity threats with tangible, actionable take-aways to test within their organisations.

Discussion Includes:

» The human factor: employee awareness and training
» Developing and maintaining a company-wide culture of cyber security
» Establishing an effective Incident response plan
» GDPR and Cross-border cyber security legislation and compliance
» Communicating a data breach
» Aligning security with business objectives for better investments

Your Host:

Wilford L. Augustus

Group Managing Partner
Company: TBG
Connect: On LinkedIn
Location: Buckinghamshire, England

Panelist: 1

Anupama Shetty

Digital Director
Company: EAD Cosmos
Connect: On LinkedIn
Location: Mumbai, India

Panelist: 2

Carl Wilhelm Vedvik

Company: Adline
Connect: On LinkedIn
Location: Oslo, Norway

Panelist: 3

Giles Lloyd

Corporate Foreign Exchange Consultant
Company: RationalFX
Connect: On LinkedIn
Location: London, England

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